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Careers At Signal Group


Jobs in Michigan

If you are looking for Detroit jobs, look no further.  Whether you are looking for IT jobs in Detroit, Marketing jobs hiring in Detroit, Customer Service jobs in Metro Detroit, Sales jobs in Detroit area, Accounting jobs in Detroit, or Warehouse jobs in Detroit, MI, Signal Group welcomes local talent of all kinds to join our growing team.  When you become part of the Signal Group crew, you’re not just joining another online retailer. We’re a group of passionate professionals who work hard, play hard, and dedicate ourselves to providing the best products and the best experience to our customers. We’re technicians, planners, leaders and experts in our fields. We all work together every day to craft a better future.

We believe in a workplace where teams are constantly being created to work through emerging challenges, and where every person is uniquely empowered to make meaningful changes at every level. It’s very common to see Human Resources working together with our warehouse staff, or upper management working side by side with employees of various departments in the pursuit of the same goal.

It’s a great place to work where we genuinely enjoy every opportunity to drive our company and our customers toward success.


Our Teams

Our TeamsWe are more than just an online retailer.  While most of our millions of customers know us as, we constantly develop new opportunities and new markets. We have a committed inside sales team who work with customers in person and over the phone to meet the needs of individuals and businesses all over the world.  Our support staff is dedicated to helping customers in need. As a full-service retailer we are constantly looking for people at all levels, from warehouse operations to accounting.

Like other multi-million dollar businesses, we have teams dedicated to keeping the company running at top speed. Our marketing, information technology and human resources teams constantly push the boundaries to propel our company forward. The difference is our unique approach to problem solving – we get people from all over the operation to consult on every challenge, and sometimes the best solutions come from people working outside their normal areas of expertise.


Grow Your Career with Signal Group

Grow your careerPassion, drive and determination are rewarded at Signal Group! We reward successful team members with frequent promotions and if you choose to be part of our family, there is practically no limit to how far you can grow within the organization. Many of our team members have risen through the company to become part of our management team.  We do our best to nurture, support, and grow that family by providing every possible opportunity for growth.

We’re proud to say that our family has grown dramatically over the years, some of the people who were here at the beginning are still here cheering on all of our successes.


Getting Started

Getting StartedA career with Signal Group starts with you. We are continually recruiting for new positions and we rely on a stream of applications from enthusiastic people who want to join us at our new Novi, Michigan corporate offices. If you would like to learn more or submit a resume, send an email to and we’ll be in touch!

Be sure to include a copy of your updated resume, a cover letter and the type of work you would be interested in performing when you email us.